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About the ShellBank Genetics Database

The ShellBank database is a collaborative initiative designed to aggregate and make accessible genetic data on marine turtles from around the world. Hosted and maintained by the ShellBank core team in collaboration with leading research institutions, the ShellBank database contains thousands of genetic records, sourced from published literature and generously contributed by ShellBank members worldwide. This includes mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) providing comprehensive insights into species distributions, boundaries, and more. By centralizing this data, we aim to support and enhance marine turtle conservation efforts through the sharing of high-quality genetic information.


We extend our deepest gratitude to all contributors who have made this database possible. The data housed within ShellBank is the result of extensive research and fieldwork conducted by scientists and conservationists across the globe. Their dedication and hard work in collecting, analyzing, and sharing this genetic data are invaluable to the advancement of marine turtle conservation

Contribution and Use

The ShellBank database was founded with the goal of compiling and publishing global genetic data to support conservation, law enforcement and management efforts at the international, national, and local scales. The data shared by global practitioners are used to create detailed genetic maps and reports, made available online through our interactive platform. This publicly available database is continuously updated and can be used by researchers, conservationists, students and teachers, funding agencies, communities and government officials.


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