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Calling researchers, conservationists, policy makers and law enforcers, and all who are passionate about protecting marine turtles.

ShellBank collaborations are key to rapidly expanding and improving the reference databases.
Without this knowledge, ShellBank will not work.

ShellBank initially focussed on hawksbill turtles in the Asia-Pacific region. To date, genetic data gaps still remain for hawksbill turtles in this region with only 7 genetic stocks assigned. We are now expanding globally and will include green and leatherback turtles. To do so, it will require significant contributions to help build the global database.

We’re seeking collaborators and partners:

  • Researcher or academic working on marine turtles
  • Lab that processes seizures
  • Government agency working on turtles or enforcing turtle protection
  • Wildlife rescue groups
  • Citizen science groups
  • Conservation organisations

Help Protect Marine Turtles

Over 1.1M marine turtles have been illegally exploited over the last 30 years. Help end the illegal trade of turtles and their parts.

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